Mantra's Tenets

The ethos of Mantra Capital is to improve the world of venture capital through successful application of the zero-failure strategy, based upon the following tenets:

1. Capital Efficiency: Given that approximately two-thirds of venture investments do not return invested capital, the amount wasted potentially runs into tens of billions annually. Despite the current economic conditions, significant resources are still being allocated to the VC asset class. The wastage is also expected to be higher than ever. Zero-failure aims to reduce waste and to generate higher returns for our investors.

2. Global Operations Productivity and M&A Opportunities: Many funded entrepreneurs struggle with quickly scaling while increasing profitability. Mantra’s in-house experience and available professional network supply direction and support for growing businesses and provide expertise in technology operations, as well as metrics tracking, to ensure efficient growth. Mantra’s team is exceptionally skilled at finding potential M&A targets and delivering synergies. Mantra intends to bring all of this experience to bear to deliver strong investor returns.

3. Incubation Strategy: Mantra is committed to incubating five companies within the General Partnership. This strategy will demonstrate zero-failure in action: showcase our capital efficiency; create an additional track record; prove our ability to execute on zero to one company building; display how we take an idea and create value; create a ripple effect on our ecosystem of portfolio companies and Limited Partners; and, generate value for our LPs with shared equity after external value has been set.

Our Presence

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